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Reveal Your Radiance: Unlock a Youthful Glow with Transformative Skin Peels

At Le Visage we love a skin peel, on its own or combined with almost any other treatment. Different peels contain different types of exfoliating ingredients which can perform on and in the skin in different ways. We've curated a large collection of skin peels for every skin. We always apply a nourishing facial mask after all of our peel treatments and try to add in a moment of relaxation and massage (depending on extractions). As with all of our treatments you can book a 'facial to decide' if you aren't sure what your skin needs.

Key Benefits

  • Increased cell turnover for a smooth and more refined skin through various skin peel options

  • A bespoke treatment tailored to your skin and its needs. Creating the best results for your skin.

  • Helps treat specific skin concerns like acne, pigmentation, dehydration & ageing.

Our Peel Options

Discover your perfect Peel. At Le Visage we analyze your skin and tailor the ideal peel for your needs. With over 10 Peels to choose from your experience will be bespoke each treatment.

Level 1 Peel - $145

Level 2 Peel - $175

Level 3 Peel - $210



Peels work by dissolving dead tissue on the outer surface of the skin and create a destruction of the outermost cells through their exfoliation

AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) is water soluble and exfoliate the top layer of skin by dissolving dead skin cells. They help improve fine lines and smooth skin texture and also brighten the skin. Wonderful on DRY or DEHYDRATED skin.

BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) are oil soluble acids which are also used for smoothing an ageing skin by their exfoliating action, however they are most often used on oily or acne prone skin to dissolve keratin plugs to improve skin texture and minimise breakouts.

PHA (Poly Hydroxy Acid) is a gentler form of AHA and ideal for a sensitive skin to exfoliate, improve texture and minimise fine lines, it also brightens the skin with minimal irritation.

ENZYME peels digest dead skin cells and create no destruction of the keratinocyte in their exfoliation process. They are usually plant or herb based and come in varying strengths. They smooth and brighten the skin and can be used on all skin types for all skin concerns


If you've never had an Observe skin scan before we highly recommend you book a complimentary skin scan and consultation alongside your skin peel. We will always take a moment to chat about your previous peel experience, how your skin is feeling at that point in time and any goals you might have for your skin. We begin with a double cleanse including a deep sonophoresis cleanse. A peel prep is applied and then your chosen skin peel is applied to the skin. We will always prepare you for any sensation that might be felt during the peel. While your skin peel is working its magic we will perform a manual exfoliation of your decollate. After your peel has been removed any extractions needed will be done, this includes milia extraction. We will always a cream mask suited to your skin and create a moment of pamper. Serums and after care are applied along with your aftercare advice.


Generally no there isnt any down time. The only after effect you might experience after a peel will be flaking of the skin, redness or some dryness. In all of this cases they will be mild and easily covered with makeup or will only last for 24-48 hours.

  • Advanced Performance Plus TreatmentYour skin expert will suggest a combination of 2 peels in 1 treatment to fast track results and address a number of different skin concerns in 1 treatment
  • DermaplaningTake your treatment to the next level. Adding on a Dermaplaning treatment to one of our skin peels will give your skin an more even, smooth finish and intensify your skin peel experience.

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With all of the skin peels we offer you are able to have one every two weeks as a short course to intensify and speed up results or one a month for maintenance.

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