Lymphatic Enzyme Facial

Our Lymphatic Enzyme Facial is a three step facial designed to exfoliate, firm/tighten and hydrate your skin. We start off with an Enzyme skin peel to gently break down dead skin cells to reveal softer brighter skin. We then apply an Argireline contouring face mask to create a tightening effect, this constrictive function stimulates internal skin processes such as reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis is responsible for supplying blood cells, filled with oxygen and essential nutrients to the upper layers of the skin while also promoting beneficial excess fluid drainage, and clearing any blockages within the circulatory system. We finish off with a Hydrojelly mask tailored to your skin.

There is plenty of time for massage and extractions if needed.

Key Benefits

  • Creates a more hydrated and healthy skin with increased bloody flow

  • Boost cell turnover with a gentle but effective enzyme peel for smooth skin

  • Increase product absorption for even better use of your at home skincare routine

  • Lymphatic Enzyme facial - $230

    For best results and for first time clients a course of 6 is the best way to achieve visible results and create an excellent foundation to achieving long term collagen production, reduction in visible lines & wrinkles and a clearer more even skin tone

  • Add-on: Clearlift Laser facial Single Treatment - $399

    Our Clearlift Laser facial is a great stand alone treatment and considered one of our most advanced technologies. Designed to create increased collagen and elastin production, a clearer skin tone and the first step towards creating long lasting firmer and smoother skin.

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  • Add-on: Dermaplaning

    Take your treatment to the next level. Adding on a Dermaplaning treatment to your facial will give your skin a more even, smooth finish and intensify your skin's results

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  • Add-on: Observe 520x Skin Scan

    Add on an Observe skin scan to any of our treatments free of charge. Journey beneath your skin and get an unparalleled, unbiased view of what's really happening within your skin. This is the perfect way to start any skin treatment or any skin course.



The enzyme mask is a mild chemical peel that comes in powder form and mixed using a 1:1 ratio of powder and water, it’s mixed to a bubbly consistency and brushed over the face. Enzymes work by ridding the skin of dead skin cells, therefore giving a deep exfoliation. Enzymes are perfect for sensitive skins.

Hero Ingredients: Papaya Enzymes (exfoliating) Allantion (Soothing and anti-inflammatory)


Argireline is known as acetyl hexapeptide-8 to target fine lines and subtle expression wrinkles (caused by repeated muscle movement).  Argireline affects the nerve-to-muscle communication so that the muscle contractions do not deepen expression lines, it also stimulates collagen production, further helping to increase skin firmness.  Along with the skin-smoothing effects, argireline improves moisture levels in the skin.  And hydrated skin is always going to look more youthful than dry skin.

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