Autumn Skin Workout

Day light savings has kicked in already and we thought we would share our fave Autumn facial and why we recommend it for your skin. Sarah had her facial last week because we like to road test every facial before we recommend them to you (her skin is shedding/peeling as I'm typing which is the exact result we are looking for) the treatment is called the "Advanced plus treatment" or you can say the Autumn facial when you make your booking. Its a combination of an A-zyme Peel plus an application of AHA's & BHA's to further improve your skins overall health, we infuse the RETINOL (Vitamin A) into your skin using sonophoresis, which means it gets to exactly where it needs to be for maximum benefit to your skin.


Why do we think this is the best treatment for the season?


"No cosmetic ingredient has been scientifically proven to be more effective at improving the signs of ageing than Vitamin A (Retinol)" Dr Geoffrey Heber founder of Ultraceuticals.


We know you'll get great results from our A-Zyme peel which is a 1% Retinol combined with  8% Bromelain which is anti-inflammatory ingredient effective at removing dead skin cells. Our A-Zyme peel is not only fabulous for fine line concerns, skin texture and overall dullness, BUT it is also wonderful on acneic skin as it helps manage the skins oil levels when reducing the build up of dead skin cells. The treatment though highly active, is a fast acting, non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment that has minimal down time, and also helps to refine, plump and deeply hydrate skin too. Making it the perfect Autumn facial for you. 


Facial is available through April only and included is a FREE sample kit of ultra product for your home use over the 7 days following treatment.